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Radiate wellness throughout 2020 and see how your employees shine

When we hear "wellness program" we think of health insurance and what we need to do physically to meet the program guidelines. A wellness program can be so much more than that, and better yet, it can be the reason you retain and attract employees.

A carefully thought-out wellness program will address not only the physical wellness of your team but also stress management, financial health, mental and emotional health, and team health. When your employees learn how to manage all these areas while keeping a work/life balance, they become a happier and more engaged staff.

Some interesting statistics:

  • Wellness program is guaranteed to and attract and appeal to this generation of professionals on a personal level. When managed correctly, wellness programs are naturally engaging to employees, especially if they are personalized to help your employees achieve the healthy lifestyle they want for themselves.
  • Many employees, especially millennial's, prioritize happiness over pay when evaluating a job. 25 to 35-year old’s would be willing to give up a big chunk of change for a better office situation, such as more career development or a healthier work-life balance. (USA Today that analyzed findings from a Fidelity study.)
  • 72% of millennial's say they exercise at least one day a week, and 95% say they care deeply about their health.
  • 62 percent of respondents said the availability of a wellness program is a selling point when looking for a new job, 58 percent reported their workplace doesn’t offer one.

Why not consider a wellness program for your employees if you can have a better chance of retaining your employees because they are happier not only at work but life, and you have another benefit to offer new hires so you can include your wellness activities in your promotional materials.

How to implement your program:

Put together a 12-month campaign for 2020 on ways to promote health and wellness in the areas I mentioned to inspire your team to radiate wellness in all areas of their life. Radiate wellness is a name I came up with – but try to brand it however you see fit. Plan out activities each month to emphasize an area of wellness that you wish to promote.

Activities could include:

1.   Financial focus - Bring in a financial adviser or someone to train on budgets or personal investments.

2.   Stress management - Have a gym professional come and setup boxing bags.

3.   Mental health – Bring in someone to teach on time management.

4.  Passion – Organize a vision board meeting for staff to map out personal and career plans and goal setting. Consider bringing in a motivational speaker to touch on a topic about enjoying life.

5.   Mental health - Laughing is good for the soul– hire a comedy group to come in and keep a calendar of funny jokes in the break room for the month.

6.   Physical health - Hire someone for a day to do massages, facials or foot spa.

7.   Team health - Team building exercises help reduce workplace stress because the stronger your teams bond is, the more they will support each other.

8.   Confidence builder - this kind of activity will not only help mentally but give them more confidence in the classroom and in selling your program. – Bring in a speaker that talks about attire, professionalism, hygiene and how all those attributes make you more confident. Or consider having one on one meeting with your team just to tell them all they do very well! Nothing negative. Call it a month of positive affirmations!

9.   Creativity - Host an innovate time during a staff meeting or a Saturday; employees can suggest all kinds of creative ideas on how to better the center. No solution is stupid. Make the event fun!

10. Physical health- 3k community run, a hike, Incorporate morning exercise in the center. Everybody dances in the morning or does fun exercise for 15 minutes at the same time.

11. Mental health - Have the supervisors break teachers in the classroom randomly all month.

12. Chocolate day – Chocolate cures everything!

13. Fitness health – Have a nutritionist on how to eat right.

14. Thankful month – have everyone write what they are thankful for every day in an employee journal that is shared by everyone. After the month you will have a complete journal of why our staff is so thankful in their lives. Keep in the break room so when things get stressful, they can go back and read it. Also a great thing a new hire can read to get to know their coworkers.

15. Emotional health - Get motivational and self-help books to keep in break-room during the month so teachers can read inspiring books during break time.

16. Mental health - Have play dough, stress balls, adult coloring books, spinners in the break room. In the break room play quite spa music once a week to help promote a reduction in stress.

17. Volunteer - Find a volunteer activity in your community that you can all participate in. Doing these types of activities helps take our eyes off our own problems.

Steps to implement a wellness program:

  • Commit to wellness in 2020
  • Come up with a wellness program name and hashtag
  • Come up with a 12-month calendar with a them for each month
  • Plan specific activities around that theme to reinforce it
  • Get testimonials from teachers as they go throughout the year
  • Post lots of pictures using the hashtag and Facebook to help demonstrate the environment of wellness at your center 

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