Childcare employee retention is not just the manager's job anymore

The statistics don't lie! Your employees are out there regularly looking for new jobs. Good news is 75% of turnover can be prevented. But how can we make the process of preventing turnover more manageable? Learn a smarter more unified approach on how to retain your employees by getting the whole organization involved in the task.


There are 4 areas of your organization that contribute to helping prevent turnover:

  • Company
  • Managers
  • Employee
  • Coworkers

By understanding the responsibilities each of these groups play in retention, along with having strategies to combat against obstacles they may face, will ensure your company has a well-rounded retention strategy.

How to unify your team:

Conduct a simple exercise with your staff...

  1. Write down responsibilities of each of the four groups within your organization that affect retention
  2. Write down obstacles each of these groups could face
  3. Agree on tasks each group can do to concentrate on improve their role in employee retention
  4. Hold each group accountable (reference impact on retention in reviews and 1-on-1 meetings)
  5. Measure improvement in turnover rate (start project with a benchmark and measure progress every 6 months)

For more details and strategies on how to utilize your entire organization to helping improve employee retention, contact us at Child Care Biz Help. Retaining teachers is hard, why not partner with a childcare expert and learn how to turn your culture around.

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