Hiring and Retaining Child Care Employees – A New Narrative

Hiring and Retaining Child Care Employees

Can you relate to someone you worked with that you couldn’t imagine coming to work without them?    Back when I was an executive director of a school, I was tasked with growing the childcare center from one location to three over the course of three years.  I knew it would be hard but I…

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How to Get Your Child Care Employees To Perform At Their Best

Are you and your employees performing to the MAX? An employee that is performing to their max or to the best of their ability, is one that performs at the top of their game on a consistent basis. ​They are high performers that have no ceiling or boundaries holding them back. High performers can succeed…

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Childcare Employee Onboarding Process: The Importance of the First 90 Days

When you’re in the employee onboarding process for your childcare facility, the first 90 days are crucial. Keep reading to find out why and download our FREE 90 Day Onboarding Check List for Teachers. Child Care Employee Onboarding ​As a childcare business owner or manager, you want to hire quality employees that contribute to your…

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Five ways to find quality employees at your child care center

Childcare Staff: 5 Tips for Hiring the Best Finding qualified AND quality childcare staff is difficult no matter where you are, but there are a couple key things you can do to make this process a little more effective. Read this latest blog to learn more. Before I go and give these five amazing hiring…

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Child Care Solutions: Retaining Employees

child care solutions retaining employees

Childcare employee retention is not just the manager’s job anymore The statistics don’t lie! Your employees are out there regularly looking for new jobs. Good news is 75% of turnover can be prevented. But how can we make the process of preventing turnover more manageable? Learn a smarter more unified approach on how to retain your…

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Child Care Wellness – FREE Calendar for 2020

childcare wellness

Employee wellness in your childcare center I’ve included a new 2020 calendar for you to download and use! Radiate wellness throughout 2020 and see how your employees shine When we hear “wellness program” we think of health insurance and what we need to do physically to meet the program guidelines. A wellness program can be…

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Offering Competitive Salary & Benefits in Child Care

Five Steps to a Solid Childcare Compensation Program Do you need solutions to finding qualified teachers for your childcare center?  Are teachers leaving your center to work for a competitor?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to start reviewing your salary and benefits package. 1. Understand the employee you’re…

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Get a handle on your salary scale

Childcare Salary Survey Do you know if what your paying your team is competitive? We recently conducted a childcare salary survey that included 11 states. The goal of this survey is to provide early learning leaders such as yourself an opportunity to see how you compare with your peers as it relates to wages. With…

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Stay Competitive With Top Childcare Benefits

childcare benefits survey

Childcare Center Benefits Survey Do you know what your childcare peers are offering? We recently conducted a benefits survey that included 29 states. The goal of this survey is to provide early learning leaders such as yourself an opportunity to see how you compare with your peers as it relates to benefits. With the obstacles…

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Retain Millennials In Your Workplace

Retaining Millennials in your Childcare Center We all know Millennials play a crucial role in child care. We also know we have to learn how to manage not just Millennials, but all the generations in our workplaces. ​ Turnover is not only costly but our employees are a reflection of our business. If we have a revolving…

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