Each day, we are lucky to be able to help and impact the child care industry. We don't take that job lightly, so when those people have such amazing things to say about us, we are humbled.

This is why we do what we do.

We contacted Caroline because our center was struggling with many issues, the biggest being morale and enrollment. We’ve been an Another You client for six months now and it was the best business decision we have made yet! Caroline and her team helped us with marketing, leadership, enrollment, company culture and much more. We are amazed at how much we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time. Caroline’s encouragement and support were so instrumental in where we are today and she provided us with the tools to keep moving forward. We honestly can not recommend her and Child Care Biz Help enough!

Steve G

Caroline impresses me with her passion and dedication. Glad to collaborate with her!...

Lydia Rose Powell

I have worked with Caroline Jens with Child Care Biz Help for a couple of years now. She had supported our state agency, the Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association (WCCAA) in many ways. She has participated as a vendor at our annual conference, she has presented workshops at our annual conference, she has provided trainings for administrators in the Milwaukee area and she has presented Webinars for our WCCAA members. All have been very well received. Caroline is extremely knowledgeable of the early care and education field, not only from a provider perspective, but from a business and marketing perspective. I personally have participated in her workshops and Webinars and have gained a great deal of knowledge from them. I think you will find that working with Caroline, you will be very satisfied.

Bev A

I love this book. I is full of great content. I like that it looks at how all the aspects of running a business. It talks not just about the money piece but also the people piece and how that effects your bottom line on a positive or negative note.I liked the work pages in the book. I made copies so I could use them over and over again as I reached goals I made new ones. We are always improving our systems and services.

Erica S

I just finished reading Caroline's profits book and I loved it! I have already been able to use alot of the forms discussed in the book which I downloaded from the members page. I have a renewed passion just after reading the first chapter. I highly recommend this book!

Eleanor C

Got a copy of the book at the CCSS and it has a lot of great content! The self-assessments and worksheets available online are also really helpful. Wonderful book and had a chance to meet the author who was a great person. Highly recommend this book!

Jenny T

I started to read this and have gone and highlighted lots in the book, so I could take it back to the center. I have put a few things into place, but have many more ideas that need to be in place. This just a few things big changes have occurred

Jennifer R

I work with Child Care Biz in the Another You program. Caroline, Justina, and all members of the staff are supportive and extremely helpful. Recently, they started screening our employee applicants and setting up an initial phone interview. It's saving me at least 10 hours a week of my own work!

Maria Fitz - Gibbon

Amazing place to work!

Daniel Jens

Childcarebizhelp has given me the opportunity to express myself in my work in ways that I'm not normally used to. It's a refreshing environment with a leadership team that not only respects you, but also encourages you to grow and learn with them. I would always and will always recommend working here to anyone who is interested.

Nick Minogue

I have had the privilege of working along side of Caroline at Child Care Biz Help for over a year. Working with her has given me the confidence and knowledge to really grow as a person both professionally and personally. Although I have only been with Caroline at Child Care Biz Help for just over a year, I also had the privilege of working with her for 6 years prior to that, at a previous company. At that company, she also built me up and truly made me the professional that I am today. I cannot recommend Caroline Jens, or Child Care Biz Help enough.

Justina Paterson