Injection of fun mixed with valuable leadership resources all in one box for the busy center director


LeaderSHIPPED is a quarterly subscription of resources mixed with excitement for your childcare team, delivered right to the office.

You’re one step away from impacting positive change! Finalize your subscription now to equip your leadership team with awesome tools and gadgets.

Sign up by September 1st to secure our Fall 2020 Release! Your quarterly subscription to LeaderSHIPPED will automatically send a new box every three months!


Fall Theme

“Being essential is my superpower! “

The Fall LeaderSHIPPED box is designed specifically for hard working childcare center directors.

Peek Inside!

Featured Item

Our feature item is the Director Prioritizing Leadership Journal - Designed to help keep a center director’s week organized and focused.

We know firsthand how hard it is to keep a pulse on everything in a childcare center. We used that experience to create the Prioritizing Leadership Journal. Not only will this daily journal keep a director organized, but it will keep them working on the right stuff!

What does a typical journal day look like?

  • Today’s ONE thing that must be accomplished
  • To-do list in order of priority
  • Space to write down brilliant ideas
  • Space for gratitudes
  • Plus, woven into the weeks are spaces to document employee follow-ups, anniversaries, big picture goals and even time for reflection.

The best part, every quarter you recieve a new journal with a new theme!

How it works

  1. Order for yourself or for someone on your team
  2. Fall orders must be received by Sept 1st
  3. Choose your plan - One time purchase or annual subscription
  4. Sit back and wait for delivery day!
  5. Join the Facebook Director LeaderSHIPPED community

FAQs -

What will I get in my box?
The fall director LeaderSHIPPED box will include items such as:

  • Prioritizing Leadership Director Journal - “Being Essential Is My Superpower”
  • Management Mess to Leadership Success - 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow - graciously provided by Scott Jeffrey Miller
  • $50 Gift Card to Happy Child Care Team to use towards the purchase of an "Essential Employee" shirt (while supplies lasts)
  • Wellness cards designed for a director stuck at a desk all day - Jennifer Schmit
  • Enrollment Superpowers and Enrollment Kryptonite Tips
  • 'Being Essential Deserves A Treat' Mocktails - Samantha Phillips, Aleaf Insurance
  • Apple keychain and straw decoration - Bottled Up & Stuff
  • Fun superhero surprises
  • Access to the director LeaderSHIPPED Facebook community

When will my box ship?
We want your box to be delivered before the 1st day of each new quarter. Expect your favorite piece of mail—your box!—to ship by the 15th of the month before the start of a new quarter. Want to keep tabs on your box? We'll send you the tracking info via email each quarter.

Can I purchase the Prioritizing Leadership Journal separately
Yes you can. Visit our products page and purchase directly from there.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Please contact us via email for more information!

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