Injection of fun mixed with valuable leadership resources all in one box for the busy center director


LeaderSHIPPED is a quarterly subscription of resources mixed with excitement for your childcare team, delivered right to the office.

You’re one step away from impacting positive change! Finalize your subscription now to equip your leadership team with awesome tools and gadgets.

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Featured Item

Our feature item is the Director Prioritizing Leadership Journal - Designed to help keep a center director’s week organized and focused.

We know firsthand how hard it is to keep a pulse on everything in a childcare center. We used that experience to create the Prioritizing Leadership Journal. Not only will this daily journal keep a director organized, but it will keep them working on the right stuff!

What does a typical journal day look like?

  • Today’s ONE thing that must be accomplished
  • To-do list in order of priority
  • Space to write down brilliant ideas
  • Space for gratitudes
  • Plus, woven into the weeks are spaces to document employee follow-ups, anniversaries, big picture goals and even time for reflection.

FAQs -

What will I get in my box?

  • Prioritizing Leadership Director Journal
  • Wellness cards designed for a director stuck at a desk all day
  • Complimentary Coaching Session
  • Fun theme specific surprises
  • Access to the director LeaderSHIPPED Facebook community
  • & more!

When will my box ship?
All our boxes are prepared and available. They will ship within a few days of ordering.

Can I purchase the Prioritizing Leadership Journal separately
Yes you can. Visit our products page and purchase directly from there.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Please contact us via email for more information!

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