Are you and your employees performing to the MAX?

An employee that is performing to their max or to the best of their ability, is one that performs at the top of their game on a consistent basis.

​They are high performers that have no ceiling or boundaries holding them back. High performers can succeed in any company because they positively develop themselves and others, and they are often infectiously inspiring.
It can be very hard to perform at this level and even harder to do it consistently. As leaders in our organizations, it’s our job to help our employees be their best as much as possible.

We need to be influencers, so our teams seek child care training to constantly develop their craft. We have to set the bar that creativity is welcome and growth is the only way to achieve MAX creativity.

​Plus, it’s our job to not only ask that of our employees, but we must make sure we stay on top of our game too. But how?

Child Care Employee Performance

How to be the best at what you do: 

  1. Seek more clarity 
  2. Raise ambition and deepen discipline
  3. Champion others to want to learn and develop

Seek More Clarity

Clarity makes everything easier. When you seek clarity, a specific and tangible impact is identified, and excuses as to why you can’t do something starts disappearing.

​Knowing what you really want drives you into action. When you are busy accomplishing things, you don’t have time for excuses. You stop listening to your fears and overthinking and real change happens.


  • As a teacher, clarity may be in recognizing you want to get better at dealing with difficult behaviors. 
  • As a lead teacher, clarity may come from recognizing you someday want to become a center director. 
  • ​As a center director clarity may come from recognizing you want to become a better leader for your team. 

No matter the specifics, when you have this type of clarity in how you want to improve, it will excite you and inspire you to take action.

If we just focus on protecting our past successes, we will never focus on progressing. So step one to improving your craft and performing to your max, is to first seek more clarity on what it is you specifically want to focus on.

As a leader in your organization, find ways to help your team conduct self-discovery and gain more clarity. Do this more than just during annual review time.

Raise Ambition and Deepen Discipline

How cool is it to be determined to be our best? The next step to achieving maximum performance in your career and the professional direction of your employees is to raise ambition levels.

Get yourself and your team so pumped up to be the best, that determination drives discipline.

​Plenty of child care centers are staffed with qualified employees who get the job done.

The most successful centers however, are stacked with super-achievers on turbo drive. Learn to tap into that turbo drive and find the clarity you achieved in step 1. You will see a new level of ambition, discipline and more impactful results in everything you do.

As a leader, you can raise ambition levels and deepen discipline with your team by:

  • Creating an environment where ambition and initiative are appreciated
  • Fostering collaboration within your team 
  • Leading from the top with visible role modeling
  • Establishing channels for consistent feedback 
  • Helping team set goals and take risks
  • Eliminating all negativity from your environment 

Champion Others to Want to Learn and Develop

The third step to maximizing performance and being the best at your craft is to ensure your team is experiencing continuous growth.

On an individual level, people are innately motivated to continuously learn and take control of their overall development as a person.

At a company level, employers have a vital role to play in shaping their employees and expanding their staff’s skill sets.


As a leader, champion your team to continuously wanting to learn by the following:

  • Block out time to learn on a daily basis
  • Making learning a habit
  • Creating incentives and rewards for learning
  • Investing financially in ways for your team to develop 
  • Providing relevant resources to those who want to learn
  • Encouraging knowledge sharing and idea creation among employees

Our team works with child care centers all over the U.S. and the very successful centers are ones where their employees feel invested in, challenged, and appreciated.

When that happens, our employees perform to their max. These types of employees are happy. Happy employees stay!

We challenge you to influence your employees to seek clarity, be ambitious, and be their champion to continuously learn.

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