COVID Friendly Digital Solutions in Child Care – Episode 22

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LISTEN This pandemic has allowed child care owners, directors, teachers and staff to shine. Child care is often chaotic, busy, always changing and sometimes full of germs..which is exactly how the past 8 months have been. Child care centers have to not only provide some normalcy for the children when it is so important,…

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Inspect what you Expect – Episode 21

mandy doy

LISTEN Setting expectations and ensuring those expectations are being followed through with is crucial to running a successful child care center. Our guest, Mandy Doy, COO at Daycare Team, joined us today about how she sets expectations for her 12 schools and 200+ teachers. Mandy talks about setting goals, communicating consistent reminders in order…

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Childcare Trailblazer – Meet Sholom Strick – Episode 20

sholom strick

LISTEN We are excited to introduce another person in our Childcare Trailblazer Series! Meet Sholom Strick- Owner of 12 child care centers under 5 different brands. Sholom is not only a dear friend of ours, but also a visionary and idea generator with endless ideas to transform the child care industry. He shares his…

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Child Care Advocacy & Why It Is Important – Episode 19

LISTEN Advocating for your child care center is very critical, even more so now since the pandemic. Our guest today is one of the biggest advocates we have met and today, she talks about the importance of being an advocate for your center when it comes to make sure those in our legislature can…

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There Should be an “I” in Team! – Episode 18

LISTEN As they say, “there is no “I” in team, but our guest today would argue…but should there be? Ruth Graczkowski a self-proclaimed professional encourager joins Daycare Overhaul today to talk about that exact thing – Should there be an ‘I’ in team, because there certainly is a ‘m’ & ‘e’. When you are…

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Leading the Charge to Health & Wellness at Your Child Care Center – Episode 17

jennifer schmit

LISTEN Being an owner and/or director at a child care center can be very rewarding; but it can also be incredibly stressful.  Making sure you have good stress resilience and maintain a healthy lifestyle can directly impact your daily life. In today’s episode we are joined by personal trainer, Jennifer Schmit. She talks not…

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Childcare Trailblazer – Meet Maria Fitz-Gibbon – Episode 16

childcare trailblazer maria

LISTEN We are excited to introduce our Childcare Trailblazer Series! We could think of no better way to kick it off then to have Maria Fitz-Gibbon, owner of Leap Academy Childcare in Wisconsin! Maria is the owner of 2 schools, in the south-central Wisconsin area. Maria believes in developing the whole child and has…

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Leading Through the Unknown in Childcare – Episode 15

leading through unknown pic

LISTEN Richard Huffman, President & CEO of Celebree Schools joins Caroline & Justina on Daycare Overhaul this week! We were honored to have him join us and share his knowledge and wisdom on building a large child care organization and being able to thrive through a global pandemic. Richard joins the podcast to talk…

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Be Innovative Through Adversity – Episode 14

be innovative through adversity pic

LISTEN Welcome back to Daycare Overhaul – Doing Childcare Better! Caroline and Justina are so excited to be back for Season 2 of Daycare Overhaul! Listen as they discuss what they have been up to the past few months along with exciting plans for this season of Daycare Overhaul. Be sure to listen carefully…

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Bloopers – Season 1

bloopers season 1

LISTEN WATCH Season 1 of Daycare Overhaul is in the books! We had such an amazing first season talking about how to Do Childcare Better. We talked about mental wellness, hiring, branding, marketing basics and more. We have been working tirelessly to line up amazing guests for Season 2 and we cannot wait to…

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