The Loss of the Greatest Team Member of All Times

Gunny the Boxer

Remembering Mr. Gunny the Boxer – Our Beloved Mascot It is with a heavy heart that the Child Care Biz Help team must share the passing of a great friend and beloved mascot, Mr. Gunny – also known as “Gunny Houdini, The Greatest of All Times.” (Houdini because no cage could hold him, lol) On…

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Child Care Work Challenge 2023: Be Energized

child care work challenge

Get Your Mind Right Who is ready for a new 2023 mindset? Does that sound great? Especially after the last couple of years we’ve had, now is the time for a change. Now more than ever it’s time to push through the fog and rejuvenate your outlook on today and tomorrow. How many of us…

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Childcare Staff Retention: 99 Ways to Laugh Ebook Download

Improve child care retention with 99 ways to make your staff laugh

How to Make Your Daycare Staff Chuckle Everyday Table of Contents How to Make Your Daycare Staff Chuckle Everyday How to Make Your Daycare Staff Chuckle Everyday Do not, I repeat, do not read any further! Why are you still reading on? Well, you must be the perfect person for whom this blog is written.…

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Building a Team of Child Care Rockstars

Childcare Employees – Hiring and Retaining Rockstars ​Building a rockstar team is a challenge in itself. The childcare staff we currently have and the employees we seek after must buy into this rockstar mentality. Changes in the market have made this task even more impossible and our pool of potential candidates is dwindling smaller and…

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2018 Child Care Year In Review

A message from the founder of Child Care Biz Help WOW! ​I can’t believe it has been less than twelve months since Child Care Biz Help launched the “Need Another You” program. I would never have imagined a year later that I would have clients all over the United States. It’s a great thing when you are…

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

teacher appreciation childcare

Monday May 1- Friday May 5 Teacher appreciation week is fast approaching! This is a very special week for early educators. The significance behind this week is to ensure the teachers feel appreciated, and at the end the week they feel their hard work has been recognized by both leadership and the parents. How do…

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The power behind investing in your teachers

childcare teacher investment

Investing in your childcare teachers ​A child care center staffed with teachers who understand they have as much to learn as the children, is something very powerful if harnessed correctly. The need to always be growing is an internal desire we all share. Most companies fail to tap into this need, and oftentimes have the…

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Don’t Let your Childcare Center Drain all Your Energy

childcare burnout

Avoid childcare burnout The work at a childcare center is never done! Each day brings with it a new level of challenges. Some of these challenges may be easy to resolve while others may require a great deal of thought and energy. Facing challenge after challenge can deplete your level of energy. So what level…

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