Daycare Logo Essential Tips

daycare logo

What is a Logo? First Time Brand? Configurations File Formats What Should It Look Like? What if You Have an Established Center with an Existing Logo? Want Us to Design Your Logo? Table of Contents What is a Logo? First Time Brand? Configurations File Formats What Should It Look Like? What if You Have an…

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Child Care SEO: Tips for Getting Found Online by Parents and Teachers

child care seo

According to market reports, there are more than 643,000 daycare centers in the US. If you are running or opening up a daycare center, it’s important that you stand out from the pack to potential parents and staff. Otherwise, you might continually struggle to attract new students and good teachers. This is a vicious cycle, as, without…

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Top 5 Toy Box Features


TOY BOX TOP 5 It is no surprise that we love Toy Box. Not only are centers all over the United States using it, and we also use it! Toy Box has changed the way we connect with both prospects and current clients. The best part, because we have extensive backgrounds in child care, we…

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5 reasons and 3 tips to showcase your childcare center every day

Child Care Marketing Can you take a break if your marketing strategy runs like a well-oiled machine? Coca-Cola may already be one of the most recognized brands in the world, but you still see commercials for it all the time. Why is that? When they spend money to market themselves even though their brand is…

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Social Media Attraction Techniques

Social Media and Attraction Marketing Techniques for Childcare Centers Write a Post… ​Does that phrase overwhelm you? You log onto your childcare center’s Facebook page (or other social media) and you are met with those three words – Write a post… And suddenly, you have no idea what to post, what to say or how…

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Earning Extra Income for Your Childcare Center is Easier Than You May Think

  Earn Extra Income For Your Childcare Center As a childcare consultant, I meet with centers across the U.S. I am often approached on new ways to generate more income beyond just enrollment. Even when I ran my own childcare centers before starting Child Care Biz Help, I often asked myself that same question. Although I am very…

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child care crm

Child Care Biz Help is overly excited to announce the release of their new Sales & Marketing Automation Platform Most child care centers struggle with their enrollment and recruitment process. Child Care Industry leader, Child Care Biz Help has a new sales and marketing automation platform (or around our office – we call it SMAP)…

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2019 Childcare Center Marketing Campaign- social media, blogs, & programs

Download our FREE interactive childcare marketing & social media calendar Your on-line presence is an integral part of successfully marketing your center. This is why we have created this FREE tool for you to use throughout your entire 2019 year! Best part, you can use it year after year and just change the dates! Learn more…

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Jump over these 5 website hurdles with ease!

childcare website challenges

Tips on improving your childcare center’s website Launching a childcare website, simple – yes or no? Launching a childcare website is not as simple as having the site ‘go live.’ There are many hurdles you need to think about before, during and after the building of your site. We are often so bogged down in…

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Childcare Blog Writing Strategies

child care marketing

Tips on Childcare Blog Writing Blog writing is an important part of your business. Why? Because writing blogs on a consistent basis does more than just inform the reader or provide education on a topic – there are many benefits for your company as a whole we often don’t factor in!  In addition to a…

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