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Your on-line presence is an integral part of successfully marketing your center. This is why we have created this FREE tool for you to use throughout your entire 2019 year! Best part, you can use it year after year and just change the dates! Learn more and get access to this amazing shortcut.

Having an authentic presence on-line is crucial to growing your business, brand and company. We have talked before about the importance of capturing your audience’s attention in the first 8 seconds  with good content based on a plan. We have found that while most centers want to maintain a good on-line presence, they aren’t exactly sure where to start and what that looks like.


The first thing and probably most important thing to understand before devising a plan, is knowing how important having a good plan is, and why it is important to maintain an on-line presence. Posting on your social media platforms is easy. Really thinking about your content and what you are saying with it, is the difficult thing.

When developing a plan and following through with it, it is crucial that everything you do and put out on social media, reflects who you are as a company. You should never put something out that doesn’t go with your brand. It will confuse your audience and thus affect your bottom line. It is important to post on-line every day. Consistency is key. The more you post on-line, across your social media platforms, the more you will learn and understand your demographics (many platforms give you analytics you can look at), what your followers are liking and where you can make improvements.

When you get in and learn these things, you become the expert of your brand and you will be able to determine what activities you do and how you present them for maximum exposure. Having a plan for your on-line marketing for the year is not enough. Take your plan, look at it, and see where else you can add-in community outreach, cross marketing, center events and team building. Your marketing plan and strategy needs to be multi-factorial to be successful.


Does all of the above seem incredibly overwhelming to begin to tackle? Are you wanting to tackle it but don’t have the time or resources to begin? Are you ready to take your on-line authenticity to the next level?

The good news-Child Care Biz Help has done it for you. Justina Paterson, Marketing Director, has developed an on-line marketing campaign that takes almost all of the guess work out for you. All you need to do is, copy and paste (there may be a name or two you have to add or change) and consider it done.

This campaign is complete with daily posts that you can use in addition to your pictures of center happenings. The best part? Justina took it not one, or two, but at least 5 steps further when she incorporated:

  • Weekly Blogs Post Ideas
  • Career Posts
  • Enrollment Posts
  • Community Outreach Ideas/Post
  • Cross Marketing Ideas/Posts
  • Center Event Ideas/Posts

The Social Media: 365 guide is your complete on-line marketing guide for 2019. This guide has just about everything you need for a successful marketing plan for the upcoming year. The only thing we were unable to include was center specifics events like holiday programs and staff anniversaries. We went even further to provide you with extensive instructions, so you can complete this plan and become an expert in social media! Are you ready for the best news yet? We did all this, and we are giving it to you for FREE!


About Child Care Biz Help & Our Team

Child Care Biz Help consults with centers across the nation to help owners and administrator strategize on growing their business, retaining employees, recruitment, marketing & branding and business operations. Caroline Jens, owner, recently released her first two child care book for centers call P.R.O.F.I.T.S.-Child Care Success Formula and P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Teacher Workbook. Both books are available here.

Child Care Biz Help was founded by Caroline Jens, industry expert. Caroline has over 25 years of experience in finance and nearly 10 years in the child care field. Recently, Child Care Biz Help added, Justina Paterson, Marketing Director, who comes with nearly 10 years of child care experience in and out of the classroom. Most recently, Justina developed and oversaw the marketing campaign and success of a privately owned multi-location center.

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