Culture Sets the Pace and Determines the Success You Have at Your Childcare Center

Does it seem like everyone keeps talking about culture, but you can’t make any progress changing yours? You try things to make it better yet your retention rate isn’t improving. Employee frustration is threatening your business. The work environment is tense, and despite your best efforts, your employees are becoming more and more disengaged and productivity is dropping.

This type of environment can be very frustrating as a leader and oftentimes, we can get very discouraged because we really don’t know how to pick our team out of that type of slump. Be encouraged however, the choices you make today can lead to movements in your organization that can reinvent your culture.

But what choices can have the biggest impact and inspire emotion within our team? Is there one simple thing you can improve at that will help change your how your leadership is perceived (#leadershipbrand) and will reinvent your culture?

I say YES! When you learn to simply celebrate small wins within your childcare center, these will build momentum within your team to create even bigger wins.  When a success is celebrated, everyone is reminded that their ability to reach one specific goal indicates just how close they are to achieving even greater goals.

Ask yourself, what are you currently doing when your team experiences success? Do you ignore these wins, automatically working toward the next goal without an acknowledgement of what has been achieved? Do you share a quick “congratulations” or “good job” and then head back into your office? I know I have personally made these mistakes and I was grateful someone took the time to point out my shortcomings in this area. When I learned to shift my priorities, stop for a moment, and let my team absorb their wins, our culture and my leadership brand completely changed for the better.

Spend time looking at your own leadership brand.

  • What changes can you make today that will help your team feel more successful?
  • Identify different ways your team has small wins and keep an eye out for them.
  • Get an action plan together to celebrate

See how your culture reinvents itself!

Want to learn more on this topic? 

Reinvent Webinar Series
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