Don’t let your thinking hold you back from becoming the best childcare center in the neighborhood this year!

Are you your worst enemy? Do you lack confidence in your ability to move yourself and/or your child care center forward? Maybe you’re looking to seize new opportunities and you are not quite sure how to handle that scale of a project.

Oftentimes we can get boxed in our minds because we step through the same doors and the same situations every day. If we could just change our mindset, and open a different door just for one day, think of the new possibilities that will present themselves.
You can reinvent yourself this year and let that reinvention trickle into your center and your personal life. If you’re reading this, you’re taking the first step toward reinvention or that change – you RECOGNIZE you want more!

​The next steps are just as easy if you learn two simple things:

  1. Adjust your mindset
  2. Adjust your focus

Both your mindset and your ability to focus will either hinder you from achieving new heights or they will escalate you to new peaks. What would you rather experience?

As we learn to change our mindset, our sense of purpose shifts, we re-energize, and we can begin to reinvent. When we focus on the correct things, this too begins the process of reinvention.

​Where we focus, is where we put our energies. We must train our minds to put our energies in healthy places that will catapult us to our goals.

What does this have to do with running my child care center you ask?

A leader can get easily bogged down by toxic employees, energy suckers, a lack of confidence, task work, time wasters, etc. Before you know it, a whole year can pass without affecting any change.

If you lead teachers and you are not creating a “living” environment of creativity, empowerment & engagement, retention will suffer, goals will not be met, burn out occurs and ultimately even the children in your care can suffer.

Things you can do:

  • Focus on your quality staff and productive behaviors
  • Get rid of toxic energy suckers that are on your staff
  • Write goals, timelines, specific tasks, visions - be clear
  • Stop questioning your abilities
  • Don’t be afraid to fail – if you tried it and it didn’t work, try again or adjust and do something different 
  • Always be learning
  • Don’t settle! Don’t give in to second best for staff, materials, programs, quality or your happiness
  • Love yourself or nothing you do will matter or be good enough

This year, I’m hosting twelve months of topics on how to reinvent yourself and your child care center. This January, my first webinar is on this very topic of Reinvent your Mindset.

Join me over lunch for a quick 30 minute power talk as we take huge leaps reinventing our child care centers in 2019!

When we reinvent our mindset, we can break through those limiting self-established boundaries that we place on our abilities or the abilities of our team. These limitations inhibit our ability to reach goals we set out to achieve at the start of a fresh new year.

Make this year different and achieve new confidence in yourself and in your team. To do this, we begin with learning how to first, battle our mind, and then refocus our energy.

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