Childcare Salary Survey

Do you know if what your paying your team is competitive?

We recently conducted a childcare salary survey that included 11 states. The goal of this survey is to provide early learning leaders such as yourself an opportunity to see how you compare with your peers as it relates to wages. With the obstacles in hiring and attracting talented employees, ensuring your salary scale is competitive is a must.

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This June 2018 we received so many responses from childcare centers all over the United States in regards to their salary scale for positions such as assistant teacher, lead teacher, floater, assistant director, and director. We are excited to be able to offer you the results from this survey.

No matter what state your center resides, we have found wages have increased dramatically over the last couple years. It's going to be harder and harder to satisfy your employees when they remain above the position wage scale. How do you expect to keep giving raises year after year when they are already getting paid more than you can afford?

Consider pairing this survey with last months benefits survey to find ways you can offer more than just higher wages.

  • Bonus plans and "specialist" titles can also be a great solution for staff you want to retain that fall outside your salary range.
  • Instead of given them increases year after year, offer cash bonuses paid out quarterly for great performance.
  • Consider paying for classes to help them master a specific early education area that can benefit both them and your Center.
  • Offer flexible hours and extended vacation time for top performers so they can have more "personal" and "family" time.

Whatever you decide, it's clear we have to get creative with our pay scales.

Stay tuned for future surveys!

As we continue to grow, we intend to provide more valuable information in the years to come. If you find your state isn't represented as strongly as you would like, contact your local childcare association and ask them to contact us. We will work with them to get more responses.


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