Childcare Business Webinar Series

Reinvent how you do childcare in 2019!

We have created a webinar series revolved around Reinvention. Each month, we choose a topic that can be reinvented and will be holding a 30-minute webinar over the lunch period to take a closer look.

Over the next twelve months our topics include reinventing:

  • Mindset
  • Day
  • Culture
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Workforce
  • Meetings
  • Readiness
  • Advantage
  • Income
  • Team
  • Strategies

We are looking forward to helping you reinvent aspects of your child care center in and we cannot wait to see your progress. Keep reading to learn more about our FREE webinar series and why we choose to "reinvent."

Dive. Fearless. Reinvent.

Those are just some of the words we are using at Child Care Biz Help to bring in 2019.

We are firm believers in picking a word to define your year. Think big picture, and then think small picture. You want to choose a word you can use in your personal and professional life. This word will help you stay accountable, organized and keep your eye on your goals through the whole year.

Caroline chose Dive. She recently saw the movie A Star is Born (4 times) and was very inspired by the thought of being restricted and held back in the shallow end. That is where things are safe & comfortable. She wants to Dive into the deep end, conquer her fears and be open to the opportunities that are there. The opportunities that are only available once you overcome those fears. Caroline is going to Dive Into Deep End Living.

Justina chose Fearless. For too long she lived in fear. Fear of the what if’s, fear of the unknown and fear of failing. This year was a year of great and necessary change. Something that needed to happen but, the fear she had prevented the change. She is excited to tackle this next year head on, learn to let go of the things she can’t control and embrace the things that may be scary to learn and grow from them. Justina is going to Live Fearlessly.

Child Care Biz Help chose Reinvent. It is always good practice to take a look at everything you do and when necessary, reinvent what you are doing. As a business we are constantly looking at new or different ways to do things we have always done, or innovative ways to do those things we want to do. Child Care Biz Help is going to #Reinvent2019.

When you reinvent something, you change it so much that it appears to be entirely new. When you consider reinvention in the workplace, you begin to influence change in the way people or yourself behave so that they seem very different.

The best power of reinvention lies in leveraging everything you’ve ever done – the good, the bad, the ugly, the successes and failures. It taps into the very real (and often unappreciated and unarticulated) skills, insights and expertise you have gained along the way.

Reinvention brings about change and influence without having to start from scratch. When we alter and reinvent regularly:

  • Our companies remain innovative, competitive and profitable
  • As leaders we are more likely to remain happy, fulfilled and significant.
  • When our employees feel this energy, and engage in this reinvention with us, their value also increases.

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