In the ever-evolving landscape of today's workplace, innovative and effective employee support is crucial. At the forefront of this movement is OnsiteKids, a leader in employer sponsored childcare.

Child Care Biz Help is excited to announce a new partnership with OnsiteKids, combining their strengths of flexible, modular childcare facilities with Child Care Biz Help's expert consultancy and branding services.

This unique collaboration is tailored to meet the diverse needs of frontline workers across various sectors, revolutionizing workplace support for parents and offering numerous benefits to employers.

employer sponsored child care
OnsiteKids modular center design - Image courtesy of Anjali Grant Design

Modular Facilities: Customized Childcare for Every Workplace

OnsiteKids stands out with its adaptable, state-of-the-art childcare facilities. These spaces are designed to be flexible, accommodating different employer sites and employee needs. This adaptability is crucial for employers with varied operational scales and layouts, allowing them to provide integrated, high-quality childcare solutions.

The partnership with Child Care Biz Help enhances this offering, bringing additional in-depth expertise in starting and running successful childcare centers to ensure these modular facilities are not just flexible but also exceptional in quality and care.


Flexible Employer Sponsored Child Care Options for Diverse Business Needs

Our partnership offers two distinct approaches to integrating childcare into the workplace, catering to the varied preferences and operational models of businesses.


  • Full Management by OnsiteKids: For companies seeking a hands-off approach, OnsiteKids steps in to fully operate and manage the childcare center. This option is ideal for businesses that want to offer the benefits of onsite childcare without the complexities of running it themselves. OnsiteKids brings its expertise in creating and managing state-of-the-art childcare facilities, ensuring seamless integration into the workplace.


  • Self-Managed with Support from Child Care Biz Help: Alternatively, companies looking to create and run their childcare program can rely on the modular facilities provided by OnsiteKids. In this scenario, Child Care Biz Help steps in to assist with branding, operational strategies, and recruiting support. This option is perfect for businesses that wish to have more control over their childcare offerings while still benefiting from expert guidance and support.


Enhancing Employee Productivity with Onsite Childcare

The presence of childcare facilities within or near the workplace significantly reduces the stress and logistical challenges faced by working parents. This convenience allows employees to focus on their work with the assurance that their children are in a safe, nurturing environment nearby.

The reduction in travel time and the mental load associated with childcare planning directly translates into higher productivity and improved work quality.


Strengthening Recruitment and Retention

The availability of customizable, onsite childcare is a significant draw for potential employees, especially those with young families.

By providing this critical support, companies position themselves as forward-thinking, family-friendly workplaces, enhancing their appeal to a diverse talent pool.


Mitigating Absenteeism and Reducing Turnover

Childcare-related issues are a primary cause of unscheduled absences. Our partnership's reliable childcare solutions address this issue head-on, significantly reducing absenteeism.

Furthermore, the presence of dependable childcare at the workplace decreases employee turnover, as workers are more likely to remain with an employer that caters to their family needs.


Fostering a Positive, Inclusive Work Culture

The presence of these childcare facilities underscores an employer’s commitment to its workforce's diverse needs.

This commitment fosters a culture of empathy and inclusivity, essential for a harmonious and productive work environment.


Driving Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

By removing one of the significant barriers to employment—lack of accessible childcare—these initiatives enable a more diverse workforce to participate fully in their professional roles.

This is particularly impactful for women, helping to level the playing field and ensuring a variety of perspectives in the workplace.


Economic Benefits: A Strategic Investment

Investing in OnsiteKids’ modular childcare facilities, with the support of Child Care Biz Help, is a strategic business decision.

The return on investment is evident in enhanced employee productivity, lower absenteeism, reduced turnover rates, and improved employee morale.


Conclusion: A Future-Proof Solution for Modern Workplaces

Our partnership represents a versatile and future-proof solution in addressing the dual challenges of the labor shortage and childcare crisis.

Whether businesses choose full management by OnsiteKids or a self-managed model with support from Child Care Biz Help, OnsiteKids innovative, flexible modular facilities provide a scalable and adaptable childcare solution, benefiting both employees and employers.



employer sponsored childcare

Interested in exploring how our partnership can transform your workplace with tailored childcare solutions?

Book a call with us today to discover the benefits of this innovative approach for your business and employees. Together, let's create a dynamic, productive, and family-friendly work environment.


Q1: What Differentiates Employer-Sponsored Child Care from Traditional Child Care?
A1: Employer-sponsored child care is specifically designed to meet the needs of working parents by being conveniently located at or near the workplace. This contrasts with traditional child care, which might not align with parents' work schedules or locations. Oftentimes, employer-sponsored childcare may include additional tuition subsidy by the employer, therefor reducing the financial burden.


Q2: How Does Modular Child Care Adapt to Different Business Sizes?
A2: Modular child care facilities are uniquely designed to fit various business sizes and layouts. Their flexibility allows for easy expansion, reduction, or reconfiguration, making them ideal for businesses that experience changes in workforce size or structure.


Q3: Can Employer-Sponsored Child Care Help in Employee Retention?
A3: Absolutely. Providing child care benefits is a key factor in employee retention. It demonstrates a company's commitment to its employees' work-life balance, making the workplace more attractive and reducing turnover.


Q4: Are There Specific Industries That Benefit More from Employer-Sponsored Child Care?
A4: While all industries can benefit, those with non-traditional working hours, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, find particular value in employer-sponsored child care due to its flexibility and convenience.


Q5: What Role Does Child Care Biz Help Play in This Partnership?
A5: Child Care Biz Help provides expertise in branding and operational support for businesses that choose to manage their childcare program. This includes assistance with setting up, staffing, and running the childcare center effectively.


Q6: How Does Onsite Child Care Impact Workplace Diversity?
A6: Onsite child care supports workplace diversity by enabling a broader range of employees, especially women and single parents, to participate in the workforce, thereby enriching the workplace with diverse perspectives and experiences.


Q7: How Can My Business Implement Employer-Sponsored Child Care?
A7: To implement employer-sponsored child care, start by assessing your employees' needs and your business capabilities. Our partnership offers both fully managed and self-managed solutions to fit your specific requirements. Contact us to explore the best option for your business and take the first step towards a more family-friendly workplace.


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