A Sensory Journey for All Ages

Featured Guest: Ashley Corthell of Daybreak Academy

Ashley Corthell, a former preschool teacher and partner at Daybreak Academy, shares her journey with homemade play dough and sensory experiences, highlighting their profound impact on children's mental health and development.


homemade play dough


The Magic of Homemade Play Dough

Since 2016, Ashley has been crafting homemade play dough, discovering its superiority over store-bought versions. As a daily arrival activity for five years, her students were greeted with a calming, inviting experience. Each month, Ashley refreshed the play dough with new colors and scents, keeping her students engaged and excited.

Beyond Academic Benefits

While play dough offers academic benefits like improved grip strength and creativity, Ashley observed significant mental health advantages. It became a medium for meaningful conversations, helping her understand and connect deeply with each child. This connection, she believes, played a crucial role in their mental well-being, aiding in emotional regulation and stress relief.

homemade playdough Daybreak Dough

Daybreak Dough: A Tool for Everyone

Ashley envisions Daybreak Dough as more than a children's toy. It's a sensory and mental health tool beneficial for all ages, from children waiting in a doctor's office to adults seeking a grounding tool during stressful conversations. It's perfect for therapy, managing ADHD, depression, anxiety, and even as a distraction during family dinners or long car rides.

Mental Health Focus

Daybreak Dough aims to provide screen-free, safe, and convenient sensory experiences. It's not just for young children; adults too can benefit from sensory play. Ashley's goal is to engage all senses, creating a fully immersive experience. Accompanied by thoughtfully curated music playlists, Daybreak Dough activates touch, sight, smell, and hearing, encouraging users to be present and fully engaged.

A Personal Connection

Ashley's personal journey with therapy and managing major depressive disorder has taught her the importance of honoring one's inner child. Engaging in activities that bring joy and creativity, like playing with Daybreak Dough, can be a powerful way to connect with one's inner self and promote mental wellness.

The Power of Play Dough

Through Daybreak Dough, Ashley aims to demonstrate the immense power of sensory play. It's a tool for creativity, connection, and mental health, suitable for people of all ages. By embracing our inner child and the joy of play, we can find balance and happiness in our daily lives.


homemade play dough Daybreak Dough

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