Help recruiting teachers for your childcare center

Monday morning can be a stress filled time for a child care Director. The week can begin as early as 4 a.m. with teachers texting or calling in for their Monday morning shift. That begins the challenge of rearranging the staff schedule, moving kids around to accommodate ratios, and putting your priorities on the back burner. When you're already short staffed, any shift in scheduling can have a major impact on you running an efficient and profitable center. So what's the secret to recruiting top talent so you can ensure a more reliable workforce and give you the time necessary to build your business?

Hiring the right personnel is not only a skill of revealing a potential candidates character, but your pick of candidates for the interview process is heavily dependent upon what company image you portray online. If you have a great brand and culture that your center has built, communicate it various ways via your website, social media and other marketing efforts. Top teachers and leadership talent will be drawn to a picture of an organization that portrays itself as progressive, energized, fun, and engaging not old and outdated.

What to communicate

  1. What your company stands for: This is the heart of your employer brand. Are you progressive, all about growth in knowledge, educational focused, safe and secure, profit oriented? What does your vision say about you? What unifies your team?
  2. What your employees think your company stands for? Ask a number of employees this question and see how much variance exists in the answers given. People should be giving similar answers and if they’re not, you will be able to clearly see where the inconsistencies lie. The answers can also provide inspiration for further optimization of your employer branding strategy.
  3. What is your focus and why would someone want to work for you? Do you want to be known for your amazing work-life balance initiatives? Your employee recognition and benefits program? Stand back and honestly assess what makes your company great and why someone would want to work for you. This can help you strategically develop your branding efforts and strengthen your overall message.

As mentioned above, consider a brainstorming session with your staff to answer these questions. Remember, what you think your company brand is, might be completely different than what your employees perceive it to be. Once you have a solid picture of your company brand, communicate it everywhere! Have fun designing the career page of your website to represent your brand.

If you need help in this area, consider partnering with a local marketing company. Share your brand on social media, your company intranet, through memo's, paintings on the wall, vinyl letters in the employee break room. Just be creative and keep your brand vibrant and alive. Don't forget to incorporate your new found branding during your on-boarding process so your new hires get on board quickly and effectively!

Not confident in communicating your brand? Let our team assist with the process. Contact us to setup a strategy meeting. We have many recruitment strategies and tools that go beyond the brand. Let us help you staff your teachers!

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