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When the holidays roll around our minds shift to seeking activities that make our hearts feel warm by watching those small-town holiday movies or dreaming about sitting around the fire with family and friends to enjoy the little moments that turn into memories. There are certain times of the year when you can feel the joy in the air, and then it diminishes into the same bleak daily routine.

You wake up every morning and instantly your mind is filled with thoughts about the day, sometimes these are positive and sometimes these can be negative thoughts. Do you ever wonder, what would it feel like if you woke up every morning with only positive thoughts filling you with happiness and joy? That would be a wonderful feeling to go about your day with your heart full and knowing that you have control to spread this feeling to everyone.

I know you're asking, what is this top secret, and why are these visuals of the holidays with families important to running your child care business?

Let me answer that for you! We all know that a change in child care business structure is needed, so why not start with the values we teach young children and implement them into the childcare business culture?

We are going to explore how to allow yourself to wake up with positive thoughts, fill your day with joy, and know it is ok to choose what your heart tells you. Those special times of the year when joy fills the air doesn't have to be a rare occurrence and can be achieved in your daily work culture! If you are just starting your business or have been running it for years, this is the perfect time to make a change. I am challenging you to change your childcare culture into supporting your staff and customers the same way educators support their children in their classroom, with their heart!

Positive Discipline for childcare Staff

Positive Discipline for Staff

Positive discipline is a term that rolls off our tongue when speaking to parents about their child’s growth and learning. We have learned that negative interactions are less valuable in a child’s learning and development than positive ones.

I’m preaching to the choir when I say, Children learn and grow in an environment that is loving, nurturing, and built on trust. By focusing on the positive solution and working together a child develops an understanding of what they did incorrectly and then what they can do to correct the behavior. However, it has always been taboo to adjust this theory to working with adults.

Ask yourself, which environment would you rather work in?

  • One that you get written up when you do something wrong, and still left unsure how to move forward? An environment where you are intimidated to share your thoughts with your supervisor for fear of being reprimanded.
  • Or in an environment where if you make a mistake, your supervisor will support you in correcting it and give you the opportunity to ask questions and develop?

Don’t let supporting your staff in a positive way be taboo. By creating a heartfelt environment you will be able to attract and retain your staff.

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Listen to What Your Heart Says

It's about making a decision for your business by listening to your heart and not just your mind. It is possible to balance decision-making with your heart and mind while achieving your business goals in a positive work environment. Our current workforce is seeking just this, a place where they feel fulfilled in the work they do and have support from their peers and supervisor.

I’m not saying forget the business-driven side of you but still listen to your head while letting your heart have a say too. By listening to your heart and reacting in a way that you feel is right for your business, it will help build this heart-driven culture. When situations arise, take a moment and listen to what your heart tells you to do, and then reflect on what the outcome will be for your business.

open communication

Open Communication

Drive your business results by retaining staff who support your company mission and values. Allow staff the opportunity to have open communication and dialogue with you. You will be surprised by the new ideas, the truth that is shared, the professional relationships built, and the overall culture change that happens with open communication.

When a leader coaches their staff instead of just disciplining them, together they work to address the problem and give the opportunity for the employee to learn the skills needed to excel in their role. Open communication built on a relationship of trust is the number one way to build a heart-filled culture. Employees and customers want to feel valued and appreciated, and by giving them a platform to have a voice you will be doing just that.

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Wait! How Can You Lead With Your Heart and Still Hold Staff Accountable?

I know! It has been ingrained in us for years that you can only lead a successful business by being tough and firm, but that is false! Environments with tough bosses whose main focus is the bottom line can sometimes turn into a workplace that is driven by fear, anxiety, and even humiliation. One who drives their employees by their core values surrounded by a heartfelt mind can still be a “tough” boss without the negative environment. You are finding a balance between what the business needs to succeed and what your employees and customers need.

Just like in a classroom, you can not teach individual students effectively without knowing them on a personal level. As an educator, you want to:

  • know where they are developmentally
  • what they like to do
  • what their dislikes are
  • and have open communication with them

Educators build strong relationships with their students but still enforce their policies and rules.

make childcare fun

Have More Fun and Still Drive Results

Yes, you can have fun and be a successful boss that drives results for your business. You do not have to be a strict boss to reach your bottom line or goals. Encourage employees to participate by being heartfelt in your decisions and daily operations. Most of your employees just need to be asked about their ideas and if they would like to participate in a goal or event. If you are giving positive affirmations and acknowledgment of their participation, they will continue to participate in the future willingly from then on.

In childcare the spreading of germs is something that is watched extremely close, however, happiness is contagious and should be something you want to spread to everyone. I challenge you to lead with your heart, build up your center culture, and drive your business forward! Be the change that our current workforce is seeking and spread joy throughout your business.

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Article written by Kate Burch, Child Care Consultant, Child Care Biz Help

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