is owning a daycare profitable in 2023

Is Owning a Daycare Profitable in 2023?

The business of childcare is not what it used to be...

The new daycare owner isn’t what you would expect and long gone are the days of finding open spots for your child at the local daycare facility. 


As a matter of fact, the demand for care is so great, but the ability to service that demand is so scarce, that it is making this industry an attractive one. Not to mention the subsidy and grant money that is flooding states with funding greater than ever before. 


It’s not unheard of right now for schools to get $300k, $500k, and $800k to spend in twelve months. Many without major stipulations on how to use it. 


For once, our early childhood education professionals who run our schools are being recognized as a major thread in the infrastructure of our communities. They are being found as essential, needed, and coveted. 


With this shift in our communities of long waiting lists in our schools and more and more childcare centers closing their doors, what is the long-term solution?

is opening a daycare profitable 2023

Open more quality child care centers of course!  


So who is this entrepreneur that is courageous enough to step in and provide this very essential service to our families? 


If you were to create a profile of who the “typical” child care center owner is, you would most likely guess one of the following profiles: 


  • Early education professionals who are ready to transition to school ownership
  • Home daycare providers looking to take the leap to group child care
  • Churches filling a congregation/community need and/or additional profit stream
  • Frustrated parents unable to find the type of care they desire in their area


Sure, we are still seeing this type of owner, however, something interesting is happening…

Enter in the new pioneers of child care:


  • Entrepreneurs with no childcare background seeing this industry as the place to be
  • Frustrated parents unable to find the type of care they desire in their area
  • Real estate developers who have identified daycares are in shortage 
  • Economic development groups of local communities who listen to the needs of their communities
  • Business owners who can’t staff their companies because their employees can’t find care for their children
  • Universities who understand they can’t hire professors due to lack of child care 


More and more, unusual contenders are reaching out to consultants such as myself to help them navigate fulfilling their communities child care problem. Essentially, over one third of all our inquiries comes from groups such as this desiring support through this journey of child care development. Though some of these groups don’t want childcare ownership, they help orchestrate building those crucial partnerships with brands that step in and save the day.

is owning a daycare profitable 2023

What will the impact be as communities struggle to find suitable partners to meet the demands of their families? 


Personally, I worry only larger, big-box childcare centers will be noticed as these partnerships are arranged. Often these schools have the ability to come in with little to no financial help from their community partner. My concern is not that they don’t provide quality care but that they bring a corporate feel to families looking for a personal touch, a touch of home. They bring no peculiar or unique personality that could otherwise catapult creativity in the minds of our children. 


I work hard for this industry I love to help navigate ownership for independent child care centers and communities in need, with the hope of aligning boutique or niche schools. I do this by becoming a valuable partner with all our new "pioneer" child care entrepreneurs. This partnership includes developing their brand, and helping them through the ownership/licensing process, all without any royalty payments after. 


That is my mission, to develop profitable schools that have a unique purpose - a personal touch if you will. To work side-by-side with these communities, developers, business owners, moms, and dads to help them be that new anchor for families in their hometowns. 


I say all this not to brag on the services we offer but to offer a perspective of the trends we are seeing in a space I love - child care - early childhood education - our future. 


I challenge you to reach out to us…

  • If you are in a community of childcare providers
  • If you are one of our the new pioneers in childcare
  • If you are want to be part of the solution 


Already have your mindset on starting a school? Join us in learning the ins and outs of how to start a daycare


Our Navigate Start-Up retreat is a three-day, on-site immersion with our experts to help you achieve your dream of owning your own child care center.


What are our plans for the retreat: 

  • Develop a project plan on how to open a school
  • Create a daycare business plan 
  • Receive child care budget and projection templates
  • Determine start-up costs and learn how to project income
  • Navigate obstacles and opportunities in running a school
  • Hear from real people in the industry and how they run profitable schools
  • Gain the confidence necessary to take the next step!


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of this ten (10) person small group of like-minded entrepreneurs as we navigate the startup process. Leave equipped to begin or finish your journey. 


Let us help you become a solid part of the infrastructure in our communities. 


Learn more or register for our Navigate Start-Up Retreat today!


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  1. anonymous on April 12, 2022 at 6:40 pm

    My understanding with the new National Child Care Program and with the provinces agreements, that private operators aren’t able to acquire a license to open at this time. That in order to open you must be a non profit, which therefore does not make you an entrepreneur but rather non profit founders, sure building something and meeting unique challenges….but you aren’t running your own business,

    Are there provinces that are still able to access funds and licenses and operate a private program. Here in Alberta we can not…

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