Sales Avatar of a Teacher – 6 Untold Roles

child care teacher avatar - sales

What roles do your teachers hold at your childcare center? ​Teachers have extremely difficult positions and a lot of responsibility caring for the children left in their care. What I’m suggesting may sound crazy, and you may even get backlash from it, but our teachers have many other roles you should hold them responsible for.…

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Turning Children Into Heroes

Helping Children with Chronic Illnesses Become Super Heroes Working in an industry focused around children makes you very sensitive to the needs of young minds not only within your community, but worldwide. The other day I came across an article about a young man who selflessly helps children with chronic, life changing illnesses so I…

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child care reviews

Collect reviews for your childcare center How would you love to get customer reviews on the spot and be able to say “Love our service? So tell us…” Creating a process where reviews can be easily collected should be at the forefront of your business’ online practice. Where you place those reviews is just as…

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Unique Child Care Branding

child care marketing

Unique childcare branding How you brand yourself, and the strategy to communicate that brand, are components which can take your child care center from “average” to “exceptional.” Creating a brand that is not only perceived as high quality but delivers on it, provides an advantage in the marketplace that allows you to charge more than…

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