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NOTE - We recorded this podcast while attending the Shift Conference in Miami. Because we recorded on location, there isn't an actual video of the podcast. Audio of the podcast (with a placeholder image) was uploaded so you are able to listen to on YouTube.

Hiring child care teachers is becoming increasingly hard. It is now more important than ever to not only attract the best, qualified candidates, but to also make sure you are sharing your vision for your child care center and how this potential new employee will fit into that vision. Paint the picture of your vision for them, and make sure you follow through with that vision.

Today, our guest Heidi Gaugert, Program Director - Leap Academy Childcare, talks about sharing that vision with potential teachers. Not only does she talk about sharing a vision and making sure the new employee is comfortable with that, but she also talks about how she sets them up for success. 

What is your staff’s currency? Heidi talks about learning about what ‘currency’ is important to each teacher. Some prefer flexible working hours, others prefer who they work with, or opportunities for advancement. Whatever it is, it is important to learn what each child care teacher’s currency is, so you can do your best to ‘pay’ them with that currency as you are able.

Listen in to hear how Heidi makes a major impact at her center by sharing the vision and finding their currency.


Heidi Gaugert serves as a Program Director for 3 centers in the Madison, Wisconsin Area. After teaching in classrooms for over 20 years, and being a peer mentor for the past 5 years, she decided to leave the classroom and take on the role of supporting and nurturing teachers full time. She is truly passionate in her belief that exceptional  teachers are the back-bone of any quality program. She also believes that leaders have a responsibility to nurture and develop the staff who teach, just as they do the children they serve.  

Her personal interests include yoga (she is also a children's yoga instructor), running and spending time with her husband of almost 30 years and their 3 grown children. She feels honored to have spent so many years encouraging growth, curiosity and kindness in children and she looks forward to spending this next chapter of her professional life supporting the next generation of teachers, who she hopes will do the same.


Caroline Jens, Owner, Child Care Biz Help is an innovative leader in the child care industry. Her background of finance paired with being an Executive Director of a multi-location center gives her a unique ability to see all aspects of child care centers.

Justina Paterson, Chief Marketing Officer, Child Care Biz Help is an asset to the industry on many levels. Her background in design and marketing, paired with her time spent in a classroom and in leadership gives her a unique viewpoint when it comes to the industry.

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