Branding Your Child Care Center – Episode 12

child care branding podcast image

LISTEN WATCH What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘brand?’  Most people might think…logo, right? Well, we are here to change your mind. Think of the brand of your child care center as a living, breathing person. This ‘person’ has a personality, a way they look, a way they talk, and…

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Saying No In Child Care – Episode 11

saying no in childcare image

LISTEN WATCH Have you ever felt like you were being held hostage by your teachers or parents and you just wanted to be able to tell them ‘No’?  Having the courage to say ‘No’ can be hard mostly because we can be limited by our own fear of resolving conflict in a negative fashion.…

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Beyond the Paycheck in Childcare – Episode 10

Beyond The Paycheck in Childcare image

LISTEN WATCH NOTE – We recorded this podcast while attending the Shift Conference in Miami. Because we recorded on location, there isn’t an actual video of the podcast. Audio of the podcast (with a placeholder image) was uploaded so you are able to listen to on YouTube. Hiring child care teachers is becoming increasingly…

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Back to Child Care Marketing Basics – Episode 9

childcare marketing basics podcast image

LISTEN WATCH You should never stop marketing. It really is that simple. Whether you are full with 500 children on your wait list, or in desperate need of enrollment…your fundamental marketing strategies should never change. Four Areas You should Focus On- Foundation – What defines you Image – How you look People – Teachers…

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Leading in Times of Uncertainty in Child Care – Special Report

leading in uncertain times in child care image

LISTEN WATCH We are all living through a time of uncertainty. A public health crisis is sweeping the world. Some centers are mandated to close. Others have been deemed essential to the city and asked to stay open. No matter which side you are on, we know the next few weeks and months will…

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Childcare Experts Share Four Unique Perspectives – Episode 8

childcare experts perspectives

LISTEN WATCH We all know, every person experiences life differently. Their perspectives are unique to the experiences they have. Those working in the child care industry are no different. Whether they are owners, directors, teachers, or support staff, they all have a unique perspective on the industry.  Listen in as Caroline and Justina are…

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Child Care Marketing Using Video – Episode 7

child care marketing using video

LISTEN WATCH In the growing age of social media, internet culture and short attention spans, it can be integral to your marketing and family relationships to explore different mediums of communication. Our favorite? Video!  With the help of our local video expert, Maddie, Caroline and Justina take you through the process of integrating video…

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Child Care Center Fun – Episode 6

childcare center fun

LISTEN WATCH Is it possible to have a productive work environment, be at the top of your field AND have fun at the same time? Of course, it is! Recognize the power of cultivating a fun and happy culture at your child care center. Encouraging and embracing fun can turn a bad day around,…

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Child Care Center First Impressions – Episode 5

child care first impressions

LISTEN WATCH When is the last time you took an objective look at your online presence, the outside of your building and how your childcare center looks when you first enter? If you haven’t done this recently, now might be the time.  How your center looks, feels and even smells when potential families or…

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Child Care Culture Affects Retention – Episode 4

child care culture

LISTEN WATCH Are you short staffed at your child care center and are your employees feeling the stress because of it? Are your employees feeling a lack of support or resources but aren’t telling you? Are your employees stuck in a rut and stewing in negativity and you don’t know how to change it?…

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